Productivity and focus – Weapon of optimal performance!

We, programmers, start working on software development out of passion. We are lucky enough to take our passion as a profession! So, our life was expected to be – a dream came true! 😇

But we don’t see ourselves in that state very often. Instead, many of us are living a life full of stress and frustration! But how the dream became a nightmare?

Common causes of stress in a developer’s life include – overcommitment, procrastination, and failure of maintaining proper focus and productivity.

In this post, we’ll discuss focus and productivity – one key source of stress. I am going to share some proven concepts, tips, and tools that will help to keep us focused and productive.

Let’s take back the happiness of living a life of passion! 💪🏼


Here are 5 concepts related to productivity and time management – that you MUST be aware of. Then, you can decide (or design) your very own productivity system based on your need and situation.

  1. Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity
  2. The Rule of Three from “Getting Results the Agile Way”.
  3. The Pomodoro technique – bring rhythm and agility to your everyday work. 
  4. Time Blocking – a simple and essential time management skill.
  5. The Eisenhower Matrix – the classic process of prioritising tasks by urgency and importance.

Additionally, the following articles share some useful practices that we, programmers can use to keep us productive and focused:

Tools and techniques

  1. Where is all my time going 😫! You’ll never know unless you track. Use a time-tracking tool like togglwakatime or rescuetime
  2. Organize information in a way that you can find them when needed. PARA Method may help.
  3. Use tools like NotionEvernote or keep to keep notes – make them accessible from anywhere, on any device.
  4. If you plan to do something later, put it on a to-do list like ticktick or todoist. Otherwise, you may forget them at the right moment.


Ending with a bit of fin! How does it feel when you’re trying to dive deeper into a complex issue and someone knocks just for nothing?

Meme about focus

Stay focused, Stay productive! 🚀

– Anis Uddin Ahmad (@ajaxray)

Hope this post will help you to save some time, to stay more focused and productive while remaining calm and stress-free.

Note: This post was originally written for and posted on {BetweenCurlyBrackets} on Dec 2022.

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