Taking Zend Framework workshop on Dec, 09

Bbjobs has arranged a workshop on “Zend framework fundamental” on December, 09  and invited us (me and Emran Hasan) to take it. We agreed happily. This is (so far I know) the first formal Zend Framework workshop in Bangladesh. The workshop has been defined as –

The Zend Framework Workshop is a 5 half-day tutorial-style course that takes an in-depth look at Zend Framework and its components. The workshop is designed for experienced PHP programmers who want to learn to combine ZF concepts and structural elements to utilize the full power of this software development kit for PHP 5 applications.

As per our plan about the context of this workshop, we are going to cover the following 8 basic topics of Zend Framework in 5 days.

1. Introduction to ZF and Set up the basics

An overview of Zend Framework, why use Zend Framework over other frameworks, installation, configuration and quick start.

2. Rapid Application Design
How to setup and design a Zend Framework application with maximum speed using new features of ZF.

3. Model View Controllers (MVC) in Zend Framework
Building a Model-View-Controller (MVC) infrastructure using powerful zend components. Also techniques of separating codebase in modules for better maintainability.

4. Authentication and Authorization
Zend Framework components provides powerful, simple and extensible API for authentication and includes concrete way of authorization. How to use them in a Zend Framework application.

5. Data Access
How to use Zend Framework’s lightweight database access layer, which provides abstract interface to multiple PHP database extensions. Building, profiling and managing queries with an OOP approach using Table Data Gateway.

6. Working with Forms
Developing secure websites by using the basic tools necessary for input filtering and validation. And, building forms using an object-oriented interface, complete with input filtering and rendering capabilities.

7. Page Layouts
Manage the presentation layer using Zend Frameworks PHP-based template engine by default. Make the output modularize and maintainable using Layout, View, Helper and Partials.

8. Core Infrastructure and Utilities
Getting familiar  with the building blocks of ZF. Using ZF tools and utilities for better control over application.

Here is the workshop in details: http://training.bdjobs-server.com/workshop_formate.asp?TID=394

Your valuable suggestions/comments will help us to make it successful. Thank you!


  1. Hello,

    I was really interested in this training, but wont be able to attend because I am in the UK now. Coming home in 15th December09. If there is any chance that you will run any more training in From 15th December,09-31st January, 10. I will be at home this time. I was really really interested, but little unlucky. I am still interested to talk to you if there is any chance to talk to you personally

    Thanking you

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