Ruby on Rails: Begin with the easiest tutorial

When I have been hearing a lot about Ruby and thinking to give it a try, I searched for a beginners tutorial over Internet. I found a lot. But luckily, I started with the easiest and solid one. It successfully drive me through an exciting way of learning ruby and lift me from installing to a functional "online cookbook" application. The best part of this tutorial was, it teach everything really "step by step" and you have to turn back to a previous step for never. 2 parts of this great tutorial is here –

part-1 : Rolling with Ruby on Rails

part-2 : Rolling with Ruby on Rails, Part 2

Ok. It’s confirming your successful starting. For the next step, I am listing here some essentials of learning Ruby on Rails.

  1. : This is an interactive interface for learning Ruby. They said,"Got 15 minutes? Give Ruby a shot right now!".
  2. What is ruby on Rails – This is another tutorial from describing amazing features of Ruby on Rails.
  3. Four Days on Rails (PDF) : This PDF goes through building a "To-Do List" Application. The steps of building a ruby applications are explained here excellently.
  4. : Ruby on Rails Wiki : The community-driven Rails documentation! A place where you will get everything about Ruby on Rails.
  5. : The details documentation of Rails API.
  6. and These are the world’s richest  collection of open source ruby project.
  7. Seeing is believing : Screencasts of Ruby on Rails application. Makes a programmer interested on Ruby on Rails in just 01 minute.
  8. Ajax on Rails : This is the 3rd part of the introducing tutorial. A must read to work with Ajax in Rails framework.


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