phpXperts Seminar 2010 – the most exciting event of this year!

Yesterday, we had an excellent day at phpXperts seminar. We did 6.5 hour looong event with total 18 sessions. The participants were around 350 PHP lovers and many more from live webcast. At the end of day, it was a WOW event at phpXperts 2010!

This time, my topic was about “Caching Basics in PHP”. Here is the slide –

Here is the full list of topics. BTW, the sequence was reordered and some titles were a little changed at the final show.

  1. Professionalism, Inside out – Omi Azad
  2. Configure your production server by yourself – S.M. Ibrahim Lavlu
  3. Web Application Development using MVC Framework (Kohana) – Arafat Rahman
  4. HTML5 – Zakir Hossain Raju
  5. JavaScript Wash – M A Hossain Tonu
  6. Git: Stupid, Fast, and Distributed Content Tracker – Mozammel Haque
  7. Standard Coding, OOP Techniques and Code Reuse – Rayhan Chowdhury
  8. Running at Maximum HP without Tearing Apart – MS Alam Trivuz
  9. jQuery plugin development – Ziaul Haq
  10. Desktop Apps With Web Technologies – Abu Ashraf Masnun
  11. Up and running with Doctrine 2 and Zend Framework 1.10 – Nurul Ferdous
  12. Caching Basics in PHP – Anis Uddin Ahmad
  13. Even better debugging – Murshed Ahmmad Khan
  14. CodeMan! with noSQL! – NHM Tanveer Hasan Khan
  15. ACL in CodeIgniter – Mizanur Rahman
  16. Facebook Graph API – Saidur Rahman Bijon
  17. Developing better PHP projects – Emran Hasan
  18. Kickstarting your Startup – Hasin Hayder

Thanks to everybody who were attended, involved or watched the exciting event from webcast.


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