Kohana 3.x Log Viewer module

Kohana Logs are a good way of debugging and monitoring application flow. It has various types of log writers for storing and showing logs. But the most commonly used one is the File Writer. One painful thing with this file logs is, downloading, reading and clearing when testing on a remote server.  To reduce this pain, I wrote a module to explore the log files on server with a beautiful interface. It may help many of you who are developing with Kohana.

You can get it from github –  https://github.com/ajaxray/Kohana-Log-Viewer

Kohana Log Viewer screenshot


  1. Download this module and add the logviewer folder it to your MODPATH
  2. Enable it in the bootstrap file
  3. Go to http://your-app-root/logs
  4. You are done!

How to use?

It’s completely self explanatory. Here are some points for quick refs –

  • All months are listed on top nav. e.g, 2011/11
  • Left sidebar has a list of available log files in selected month
  • If not specified, today’s (current month and day) log file will be displayed
  • If you want to see a fresh log for next call, just delete today’s file. Kohana will generate it and add
  • Formatted mode (default) may not extract all info correctly for displaying in rows. Use raw mode for those situations. NEED IMPROVEMENT here
  • You can use Level listbox for filtering by log levels


  • http://your-app-root/logs should display the log reports interface. If it don’t, please check the routing in modules/logviewer/init.php
  • If you change the folder name, change the paths in modules/logviewer/views/logs/layout.php accordingly
  • If you want to improve, please fork and participate
  • If you’ve a suggestion or found a bug, please let me know at – anisniit(at)gmail.com
  • And the last thing is, BE CAREFUL ABOUT USING ON PRODUCTION!


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