Hello World!

Hellow World! Now I am here…. at ajaXray.

I have been blogging on wordpress for a short time as http://php4bd.wordpress.com/. Though it’s a nice experience, I am facing some limitations there. Moreover, I have been thinking for a domain to share, test and explore my works and experience on an unique web identity. As a result, I get the domain ajaXray.

Behind the name : The name “ajaXray” comes from 2 words.

  1. ajax: AJAX, is a web development technique used for creating interactive web applications. This is the current crazes of web technologies.
  2. X-ray: X-rays (or Röntgen rays) are a form of electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength in the range of 10 to 0.01 nanometers. generally, its known to us for it’s power of scanning. I choose the word after ajax to express the interest of exploring the web technologies in such a scanning depth.

And the last thing… this domain+hosting is gifted by my (30%)boss, (30%)teacher and (40%) friend Emran Hasan aka phpfour.today is his birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO PHPFOUR.


  1. Hello Anis Vai,
    This is nice website to know about you and about Web application Development.Keep it Up.
    Wish you All the Best.

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