E-Code Verifier relocated

E-Code Verifier is a free web application for checking/verifying Shariah status (Halal, Haram, Mushbooh) of E Code (food ingredient codes). It was developed as a PWA and published in Jun 2016 at ecode.halal-haram.com. By the time of July 2018, it was hitting 12k+ traffic monthly from search engines (without any kind of promotion) and also a good number of usages from desktop/mobile installations.

E-Code Verifier Analytics of 2018
E-Code Verifier Analytics of mid-2018

A few months ago, the domain “halal-haram.com” got expired! And I have been very busy at that time and didn’t notice! When I realized it, it’s already too late to recover. So, I have relocated it to ecode.figlab.io.

I hope it will become useful again and will save thousands of Muslims from consuming foods with haram ingredients unintentionally.


  1. Alsalam aleikum brother Anis
    I could not access the site anymore. Perhaps the domain got expired?
    If you can relocate it to another one we would appreciate it a lot. Jazak allahu kheiran.

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