Building Large Scale Javascript Application

Digital World 2014 was a 4 day (4th – 7th June, 2014) ICT event at Bangladesh. It was organized by ICT Division of Telecom and IT Ministry of the country. There was a full series of technical sessions with various interesting topics throughout the event.

One of them was Building Large Scale Javascript Application. It was presented by me together with Emran Hasan, CTO of eMicrograph. Here is the slide that I prepared in very short time.

The event video is not very well composed, however, here is it. Caution: the speech language was Benglali and slide is not covered in video.

At last, thanks to all audiences who attended the session with patience. We saw the hall was full before starting of the event and many people were attended one and half hour standing! It was a great pleasure to meet all of you guys!

Javascript session at Digital World 2014
Javascript session at Digital World 2014

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