Anis's PhotoI am Anis uddin Ahmad. A Web Application Architect from Bangladesh. Working as CTO of WNeeds Ltd, a serious web application firm.

I am an M.Sc. (Botany) from Chittagong College. Besides, I am a DNIIT from NIIT. I am also a ZCE (Zend Certified Engineer) on PHP5.

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  1. Keith Welch

    Hello… You’ve got a very good handle on your php :-) I’m a bit of a novice, yet I’d like to know if you might know of a way that I could mimic a “Web-Trigger”? What I mean is… I’m noticing a trend where certain websites have a simple form on their site, where as all one has to do is input their mobile number and click SEND… within seconds the individual gets an sms sent to their mobile phone.

    I want to have such a function on my site, so that I could allow visitors to get an sms containing the url to my mobile site sent to their mobile phones…hence forth, a “web-trigger.” Have any ideas how this is done? I’d appreciate any help you could give me.



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